Ted Baker Tiles – Quintessential Design to Your New Bathroom

A name synonymous with fashion and design throughout the last few decades, Ted Baker has now created the latest, striking, must-have bathroom tiles of 2018.

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This incredibly luxurious range of on-trend colour swatches with block prints and patterns will give any bathroom a show-home feel.

Designed for modern bathrooms, feature walls and surrounds these tiles create a unique look and feel in most bathrooms. Perfect for interior designers to be able to leave their mark and truly stand out.

All of the Ted Baker tile range can be used to suit most budgets, with prices starting at £23 for a 24 pack of 148mm x 148mm Versatile in white

There’s a whole collection of shapes, sizes and colours with whites, greys, blacks, browns and silvers being most used. With all tiles made from ceramic, porcelain or glass depending on the range.

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Our bestselling Ted Baker tiles in the range are the Distinguished Rose wall tile and the Parqtile Grey.

It’s hard to appreciate the true quality of these tiles without seeing them in the flesh, the incredible craftsmanship and finer details really make these stand out amongst any of the competition.

But, you can see them in some more detail on this video:


In a collaboration with British Ceramic, Ted Baker started creating tiles after being privy to a particularly stylish house in Europe. That house with its floor-to-ceiling ceramics, sharp edges and modern interiors evoked the fashion and design elements Ted Baker is well known for. 

After the event, Ted Baker tiles was born, and now you and me can have a slice of luxury and view the eye for detail that has made them the globally recognised brand we all know.

Let’s dig in to their offering further, exposing the most popular ranges and styles that will help you imagine your new bathroom.

Ted Baker Paradise Bathroom Tiles

This range of tiles comes with direct inspiration from the Ted Bakers famous Paradise Print.

A blend of beautiful and subtle shades of grey evokes calming emotions around your bathroom suite. 

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Coming to you in packs of nine, the glorious tones can be used to create a patchwork dynamic across walls, floors or surrounds.

Some tiles have an extra special lustre effect, which catches the light and makes for a different lighting experience.

Combine Ted Baker Paradise tiles with the Versatile range to give a complex and modern look to a modern bathroom suite.

 ted baker paradise tales 

Ted Baker Versatile Bathroom Tiles

Versatile by name, and by nature, these high-quality porcelain tiles direct from Ted Baker compliment most of the range and most shades in most bathrooms. 

They can be coupled with any of the rest of the range to create a completely stylish bathroom interior. 

The different shades of white and grey combined with the matt finish effect help highlight the corners and borders while providing a minimalistic look in any situation.

No ordinary tile, the Versatile range from Ted Baker are luxurious, stylish and do not come with a massive premium.

As a stylish highlight to a modern bathroom, combine the Versatile tiles with a centrepiece from the Ted Baker Flight range.

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Ted Baker Geometric Bathroom Tiles

A true minimalistic look, the Geometric range of tiles from Ted Baker were inspired by simple north African design, bringing modern techniques to Moroccan culture.

Stylish and refreshing, the Geometric range is manufactured to an extremely high level of detail using two very complex methods – making them truly unique.

These Ted Baker tiles not only add a bespoke look to your bathroom, but they add some contour and texture.

The raised profile of these tiles encapsulates geometric design, modern shades of whites, greys and browns with a contemporary profile.

Combine 2/3 textures to create an incredible bathroom environment, utilising different hues of the Geometric tiles across the floors and walls.

 ted baker bathroom tiles uk

Ted Baker Partridge Bathroom Tiles

Charming and rustic, the matt grey tiles in the Partridge range from Ted Baker bring class and style to the classic rococo pattern.

Coming in a packet of 9 tiles, you’ll receive a random selection of 4 subtle designs, each being ever-so-slightly different from the rest bringing a genuine handmade feel. 

You can utilise the Ted Baker Partridge tiles on floors and walls to bring a unique look to a rustic bathroom.

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Guaranteed to please, the Partridge collection brings the rococo pattern in to the 21st century and would look classy within a modern new-build home as a focal point or across the whole bathroom of an older building with a classic vibe. 

These tiles work really well in older, more rustic homes with highlights of dark woods or chromes.

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Ted Baker Geotile Bathroom Tiles 

The Geotile range from Ted Baker needs no introduction, just look at them below.



No words that we can say would do them justice, an incredible tile with quality, detail and finesse at the core.

The Geotile from Ted Baker is quite simply the best, most standout and unique collection we have available.

You get 24 tiles in a pack, with 12 completely different designs, 2 of each.

Inspired by those incredible Edwarnian mansions of London’s fashionista’s, these Geotiles will bring glamour and awe to town houses and modern retro style bathrooms trying to make a statement.

Tonal greys with Ted Bakers Incredible geometric prints, they will make the perfect choice for walls and floors alike.

 Ted Baker Tiles Quintessential Design To Your New Bathroom

Combined with whites, chromes and blacks these Geometric Ted Baker tiles will create an incredible look to most bathrooms. We’ve even seen kitchens completely flooded with them. 

If you’re still not sure about the incredible range of Ted Baker tiles then this video might help, it shows them in some incredible detail: