Freestanding Baths

 When it comes to vintage design trends, they have the unique ability to stand the test of time. And owing to the timeless appeal of freestanding baths, they manage to appear in the pages of design catalogues year after year and often retain a space in our homes, as well as our hearts.

In a bathroom where space is not a constraint, a freestanding bath not only becomes the focal point, but also gives the entire room a vibe of pure luxury.

At Skrub, our baths have been designed to fit perfectly into the various different styles of bathrooms that can be found in homes across England.

Freestanding baths were inspired by the traditional cast iron tubs that were often featured in most Victorian homes. But with time the designs have become more advanced, and many modern design elements are incorporated into this type of bath.

Whether you’re looking to recreate a vintage bathroom design or something a little more contemporary, you will find freestanding bath designs and styles for every taste.

If you’ve decided that a freestanding bath will complement your homes aesthetic but are not sure about what style to opt for, check out the information provided below by Skrub.

Freestanding Baths

Traditional Freestanding Baths

This type of bath is usually proudly displayed in the centre of a room, unlike a lot of other standard baths that are usually built into walls.

For those who are desperate to create their very own home spa, a freestanding bath is one essential needed to achieve a look of indulgence. If you have a bathroom that is not lacking space - or simply want to create a statement with the design elements within it, then a traditional freestanding bath is a good place to start.

Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot tubs were actually once quite a common sight in homes, especially in Britain. It is a classic freestanding bath design which is still trending due to its retro, yet sophisticated look.

The bottom surfaces of these freestanding tubs do not come into contact with the floor whatsoever, but instead rest on elevated feet.

Different types of feet impact the overall look of a bathroom and so as a result, there is a lot of scope for you to experiment in terms of their colour and design.

It’s important that the feet match well with the finish of the tub if you are to attain a bathroom that looks beautifully coordinated.

We’re obsessed with our Bramhope bathtub with accompanying ball feet. His traditional bath comes with hand-carved, chrome ball feet that provide a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Skrub’s Camden traditional slipper bath is a popular choice amongst those who favour a modern foot set with their bathtub. 

Angled Freestanding Tub

If you’re looking for a tub wherein there is support for your head, neck and back to help you relax in a hot bath, then you should certainly opt for an angled freestanding tub as one end is higher than the other.

These types of baths can give a modern look to your bathroom, all whilst providing added comfort. The Pano Luxury tub ticks all the required boxes for an angled bath and with our lifetime guarantee, you can’t go wrong!

When it comes to style, angled tubs are remarkably flexible. For a classic yet simplistic look, you can pair it with traditional bathroom accessories. The Belmont freestanding bath with ball feet is an absolute essential for those who want to relax their muscles are a long day. 

Freestanding Baths

Oval Freestanding Tub

Oval freestanding tubs with their curves exude charm which is undeniably modern. This makes them the perfect choice for geometric-focused, modern contemporary styles.

If the walls and windows of your bathroom have sharp angles, the sweeping roundness of oval freestanding baths will contrast well with them.

With these tubs it is possible to strike an elegant balance between the angles and shapes in which the tub is installed.

Our Summit Luxury freestanding bath in graphite is our top choice for an oval design. It’s slim, curved shape and heat-retaining acrylic layer guarantee comfort and water that stays warmer for longer.

For those that love effortlessly minimalist interior, then try our white oval freestanding bath instead.

Rectangular Freestanding Tub

For bathrooms pertaining to a certain decor, a rounded freestanding tub may be exactly what you’re looking for. These freestanding baths are ideal for those who dare to experiment.

Rectangular freestanding baths tend to have angular, clear and sharp lines which are in perfect sync with most contemporary styles out there. The angles can be used effectively to create the right balance in modern bathroom design. For added comfort, try our Minimal Twin Skinned bath with smooth, warm to the touch material.  

Pedestal Freestanding Tub

This variation of freestanding baths features a small raised section on which the tub rests. This raised section gives the tub a superior look, as well as a few extra inches of height.

As you can see above, the bathroom is quite spacious, has high ceilings and also has broad windows that provide a splendid view. A plain bath will not give the same level of class, which is why homes with space in abundance often feature a pedestal freestanding bath.

Our Knightbridge luxury freestanding bath is at the top of our list if you gravitate to this sort of design. The stunning matt aluminium-effect finish will bring your bathroom to life and its double ended slipper design is perfect for families who have young children that love bath time!

If you’re keen on a design that gives an impression of grandeur, a pedestal or oval freestanding bath will be the right choice for your home.

Freestanding Baths with Shower

At the end of a stressful day, baths can quite literally melt the stress away. But when you’re pushed for time and have limited time to get ready, like with those dreaded early morning starts, you may find yourself wishing that you also had a shower to hop under.

Our Islington Luxury freestanding bath can be easily transformed into a bath-shower combo.

There are certain things that you may have to change to integrate a shower into your bathroom, such as positioning the bath in such a way that one end runs along a wall to stop the water going everywhere.

You may also have to install a glass partition to create a shower enclosure so that the floor doesn’t become wet. Skrub have plenty of glass screens to choose from, so take your pick and enjoy your dual purpose bathtub.

To achieve a look of ultimate splendour, place a freestanding bath on a raised platform. This will truly make the tub stand out and attract the attention it deserves.

The Baths at Skrub have been created using superior quality materials, giving it a high insulation capacity and as a result, you can have the longer, hot baths you’ve been dreaming of.

By installing one of our freestanding baths, you can transform even an ordinary space into something you can’t wait to get home to after a challenging, stressful day at work.

To find the perfect centrepiece for your bathroom, get in touch with the team at Skrub today.

Freestanding Baths